Wear-Anywhere Lounging Essentials

Like silk, but better. Our Bamboo loungewear is cooling, soft, and ultra-comfortable. Our shorts, joggers, t-shirts and dresses were designed with sustainability, comfort, and style in mind. Our pieces mix and match with each other to create a custom loungewear look. 

What Makes Us Different


We’re giving your go-to t-shirt a run for its money. With four-way stretch and smooth, soft fabric, our tops, bottoms and dresses move with you. Each piece is ultra-comfortable, so trust us when we say you’re going to want to live in them.


While our pieces are designed for lounging or sleeping at home, we have a feeling you’re going to want to wear them 24/7. So we’ve made sure that each can be dressed up or styled to wear on an errand or for any occasion where you want to feel extra comfortable.

Cooling Fabric

If you haven’t already noticed, we love how soft and cooling our bamboo modal is! That makes our loungewear pieces great options to mix and match with each other to stay cool at night, or to layer with your favorite looks.

The Collection

Bamboo Long Sleeve TopBamboo Long Sleeve Top
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Bamboo Tank DressBamboo Tank Dress
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Frequently Asked Questions

Loungewear is clothing made for relaxation. Trendier and more formal than pajamas, loungewear can be worn in and outside of the home comfortably.

Yes, loungewear is often worn outside of the home as it's thicker in nature and more covering than some pajamas. We've also designed our loungewear in modern, on-trend silhouettes for this exact prupose.

Loungewear is more practical than sleepwear, as it often provides more coverage and offers more features (i.e. pockets) than sleepwear. Because of the thicker materials used, our loungewear is generally more durable than traditional sleepwear, and it maintains its softness over time.

Our loungewear is versatile, and can be styled as innerwear, outerwear or worn as pajamas. We have a feeling you’ll love our pieces so much, you’ll want to live in them!

Bamboo is different because it is a self-regenerating raw material. Unlike many other harvested material, bamboo can regrow from its own roots once they are cut, making it extremely sustainable. Our fabrics also are certified Oeko-Tex, which means that no toxic, harsh or harmful chemicals are used in any stage of our production process.

Jogger pants are essentially normal styled pants with a looser top area and elastic bottoms to fit to your calves or ankles. While they are not completely tight/formitting, the fitted lower leg area makes them appear more form-fitting than sweatpants, while maintaining a loose, comfortable fit in the waist.

Our loungewear is made from bamboo modal, which is a sustainable, cooling fabric. Each piece also has four-way stretch, making it super comfortable and allowing the pieces to move with you no matter what stage you’re at in your day or night.

Our loungewear pieces are meant to mix and match, so we do not sell them as sets. This allows you to choose your best fit and color preferences for both tops and bottoms.

We offer a helpful size chart on each product page to help you determine your best fit.

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