Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser


Disperse essential oils in your home, office, or chosen space with our Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser. Chic, portable, and powerful, this diffuser will fill your space with calming fragrances. 

Please note: our Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser requires water.


Our ultrasonic diffuser is a simple and chic way to disperse essential oils and their lovely scents throughout your home.

This diffuser features:

  • Ceramic covering
  • Water reservoir
  • Night light
  • Sleep timer


Fill the water reservoir to or below the maximum fill line. Add in 5 - 10 drops of our essential oil blends. Set the sleep timer, or leave on until you're ready to power the diffuser down.


Be sure to carefully empty the water reservoir and to unplug the device when not in use. 

Please take care in ensuring water does not get onto the power cord.

Good To Know

Our ultrasonic diffuser includes a sleep timer, so you'll never forget to power it down. 

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