Bamboo Lyocell Pillowcase Set

Color: Snow

Includes 2 pillowcases.

Ultra cooling and soft bamboo pillowcases are like silk, but better. Each of our lyocell pillowcases are created sustainably with certified Oeko-Tex bamboo fabric, meaning there are no harmful chemicals used and all components meet strict guidelines. 


The Routine



Our soft and luxurious Bamboo Lyocell Pillowcases are extremely soft and comfy. Choose from several sizes and 7 colors to match any theme you have in your room. Comes with two pillowcases.

Benefits of Bamboo Lyocell:

  • Healthier Sleep: Bamboo is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and cooling. 
  • Luxurious Material: Our bamboo pillowcases are ultra-smooth and luxurious, and feel cool to the touch.
  • Sustainable Material: We are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning harmful chemicals and pesticides are not used at any stage in our production process. 


100% Bamboo Lyocell Pillowcases Sustainable materials free of chemicals Choose from 7 colors Oeko-Tex Certified Bamboo


Keeping your Bamboo Lyocell Pillowcases fresh & clean is simple. Wash gently by hand, or on a gentle cycle wash. Tumble dry on low, steam, or even dry clean. We recommend leaving to hang dry as high heat wears down fabric over time.

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