Signature Candle DuoSignature Candle Duo
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Signature Candle Duo

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Double the holiday fun with our 8.5 oz. and 2.8 oz. candle duo.

Sandalwood Rose CandleSandalwood Rose Candle

Sandalwood Rose Candle


A warm, sultry scent.

Lavender Chamomile CandleLavender Chamomile Candle

Lavender Chamomile Candle


A calming, soothing scent.

Aloe Green Clover CandleAloe Green Clover Candle

Aloe Green Clover Candle


A bright, crisp scent.

Bamboo & Green Tea Scented CandleBamboo & Green Tea Scented Candle

Bamboo & Green Tea Scented Candle


A clean, refreshing scent.

Ginger White Tea Scented CandleGinger White Tea Scented Candle

Ginger White Tea Scented Candle


A soft, clean scent.

Citrus Bergamot CandleCitrus Bergamot Candle

Citrus Bergamot Candle


A citrusy, floral scent.

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