Bamboo Bedding Bundle

Bundle Price

Save 20% with our Bamboo Bedding Bundle! 

This bundle includes a sheet set and duvet cover in your choice of color & size.

*Please note that our duvet cover is not a comforter, nor does it come with an insert at this time. It is sometimes pictured with an insert to show how the bedding may look when filled with the duvet insert or comforter of your choice. 

The Routine



Both the Bamboo Sheets and Bamboo Duvet Cover in this bundle are made of sustainably made Bamboo rayon. Silky soft & durable for years on end, our bamboo fabric is naturally sourced and never treated with dyes or chemicals.

What makes our bamboo different?

Bamboo Material Promotes Healthier Sleep

Studies show that cooler temperatures lead to better, deeper sleep. We help you achieve your best sleep with our cooling, breathable, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial bamboo bedding. This leads to a healthier night of sleep, and more comfort for warm sleepers. 

Ultra-Smooth Material

Our bamboo is like silk, but better (and vegan)! Soft, smooth, and featuring a luxurious sheen, this bedding is seriously comfortable. 


We love the planet, and want to create exceptional products while being mindful of how we produce them. We chose bamboo because as a raw material, it’s extremely sustainable. Bamboo self regenerates from its own roots and doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticides. Our range is also Oeko-Tex Certified, meaning that it is safe on skin and free from any harmful or toxic chemicals and detergents.


100% Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set 100% Bamboo Lyocell Duvet Cover Never Treated With Harsh Chemicals 7 Colors To Choose From Eco Friendly & Sustainable Oeko-Tex Certified Bamboo


Take proper care of your new Bamboo Sheet Set and Duvet Cover by washing on a gentle cycle, or hand-washing. You can then hang-dry, tumble dry on low, or have them steamed. You may also decide to dry clean your sheets and duvet cover as needed, but try to avoid doing this often.

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